Does the house seem like a Home? Your Home?
Your first impression of a house is important. As you walk up to the front door, ask yourself, “Could this really my HOME?”Remember that you are looking for a place to live for several years down the road.
Look at the layout of the house, its shape and the position of the house in relation to the street. Is this home in the right neighborhood, close to good schools and parks for the Kids. Does this home lend easy access to local mobility?
Try to picture the routine of your family as it would fit into this house. If you have children, do they have a place to play?  If you like to garden, is there a spot in the yard suitable for your needs?
Some families like to hang out in the kitchen while meals are being prepared. If this is your family tradition, is this home’s kitchen big enough for that?
Will your family change in the future? If you’re planning to have more children, consider their space requirements now. Take a look at the house with the future in mind. Will it continue to serve your needs, or will it become too small or too big?
With Ginny Jameson all of these questions and more can be answered, and you too can find your Dream HOME!
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